Based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina will always be called home no matter the region of the Earth I may find myself in one day. 

Artistic and advocate are the two words I want to define my visual storytelling. I love the way visual storytelling can connect people from a diverse array of backgrounds. My visual storytelling experiments with multiple forms including photo, video, graphics and text sometimes interlaced together. I specialize in documentary storytelling and finding a sweet balance between journalistic and avant-garde work.

I hope my work can reveal a glimpse into the impactful and multifaceted people I've been given the privilege to meet. I do not want to publish the surface perspective I may gather of a person or an issue, but go deeper still into the pool of what makes someone who they are and translate that visually to invite others in.

I focus on collaborative projects that advocate for migrants, individuals with disabilities and women by fostering conversation between the individuals and myself. I’ve produced a documentary film about job inclusion for people with disabilities and a photo book celebrating women of other cultures. I let the subjects whose lives I document speak for themselves by incorporating their art work proposing an active engagement with those I work with.

My motivation for visual art would be to push against injustice and promoting inclusion. I am interested in the exploration of memory and attempting to convey the way the past collides with the present. I recognize the power of storytelling to provide a platform that can elevate and celebrate voices that are have been historically oppressed.

I am influenced by the style of modern Danish documentary photography taught at the Danish School of Media and Journalism because of their tendency to create places as characters for storytelling and their beautiful use of color. I draw inspiration from Nina Berman, Ciril Jazbec and Davide Monteleone specifically their work covering migrants from war, climate change and political instability, particularly their use of muted color palettes to convey mood.