When in Wales

To be honest, I didn't even know Wales was its own country until moving to London. It doesn't get the publicity like Scotland and Ireland. I'd say it's a good blend between the two filled with history of super mighty Welsh people that I would never want to cross. A bus to Welshpool was about 30 pounds and 6 hours, the journey to our cottage from the awesome cottage.com took another 40 minute journey into the middle of no where. The one lane road cuts through bush covered stones that used to divide people's territories. I've never seen so bright green rolling hills filled with sheep.

Sheep over here and sheep over there, sheep on the cliffs, sheep everywhere!

Our cottage was gated with its own little garden out back and a little pasture. The windows were frosted on the edges. The kitchen was from decades ago with a fire lit oven, a radio the played symphonies for us at breakfast, a small fire in the den and a piano in the next room. Beyond cozy would describe it well.

It's close to a lake that's beautiful to walk around and a waterfall about 30 minutes away. The waterfall is truly enchanting surrounded by stones covered in moss and a little arch that divides it in half. The leaves had all fallen so the ground was blanketed with reds and oranges. When the wind would blow yellow leaves would dance in the sky all around us. There's a trail up the side with slippery rock stairs that overlooks the brushed red hills and evergreens. The hills were alive as ever with music between the light showers and gusting winds. It was great to warm milk up on the stove top fire and mix in powdered chocolate.

A couple hours away the coast sings as well, but of simplicity and pastels. The houses lined up in different colors with a pebble beach out front. The best local fish and chips place around the corner - except that ketchup cost 40 pence for one baby packet. Conwy Castle is in the town right over. It's original walls from 1258 still line the city and can be walked all the way around as cars come in the original gates to meet the center. The castle itself is in beautiful condition with vibrant grass growing in the floors. The top gives a view of the gothic style houses trimmed with dark wood and red roofs as well as the bridge and the harbor filled with sailboats. For 4 pounds you can get a tea with a scone, a mini jar of jam and clotted creme at the Tea Cafe across the street that sits booth by the window in an inward for as they reused part of the old city.

Another cute town not too far is called Betws y. Coed. Conservation is important to Alpine Coffee Shop. They don't even give take away cups, but they do have wonderful chai. The honey taste so fresh. The gorilla portraits and sculptures design the cafes interior. There are two bridges in the city that both lead to fun things. More sheep and a rushing river colored by fallen leaves. There's even a baby railroad behind the cafe where you can eat in an old train cart!

A wonderful haven away from the busyness of the city I could have stayed there wrapped next to the fire forever.