Restless Child

I want to be a wild bird that wanders with spread wing.I want to be held closely and hear gentle whispers sing.

Feet thumping loudly the stairs creak beneath. 

My heart aches for adventure, but my mind seeks comfort still. My lungs crave the mountain tops, but my bones never will.

Her lip sticks out proudly in an act of defiance.

Dancing under stars. Dreams with too high of bars.

Eyes flutter wildly seeking a distraction.

Tell me yes or tell me no. Give me the answers that I want to know.

She hears her name tenderly echo in the hall. 

I'm a restless child seeking out her place. Cautiously proceeding to maintain a happy face.

Legs wiggle impatiently for her momma to arrive.

I test out murky waters wondering what's true. Understanding Knowledge is never who will woo.

Her lungs deeply exhale as the door begins to crack.

The fact I have breath is a gift in itself. The world trying to decieve my picture of wealth.

Posture caves inwardly, she ignores a shifted room. 

A walking contradiction I feel what I don't desire. Trying to remind myself Emotion can be a liar.

Grumbling passively her voice says go away.

To write I can explain. To speak my stomach wanes.

Nose smells cautiously the aroma of a cake.

Under the cover I attempted to hide - An invisible lump to myself I lied.

Her tongue independently making her arise.

You stripped off the security a blanket provides. But before I could form a single chill your refuge abides.

Arms embrace tenderly reunited mom and child. 

Relentless intercession knocks me out at night. Dark circles show I put a fight.

Her hair gently brushed from her puffed up, leaking face. 

As a child I would whine that it's not fair. He had to watch his Son whipped bare.

Kissed softly on the forehead, affection exchanged for baseless rage.

Unmerited grace I found by staring at what's true. Inside the silent valley, a shadow of Glory I already knew.

Cake forgotten quickly, she yearns to simply be with mom. 

A naughty babe I once was, but now I hold his hand. A covenant so memorable that it doesn't need a band.